347 Area Code

347 Area Code

The 347 area code serves New York following the North American Number Plan. By February 19, 1999, this area code had become operational, and it was put into service on October 1, 1999, and has been in continuous operation since then. 

Area code 347 is a General-Purpose Code, which shares the same service area with 718, 917, and 929. Calls within a given NPA (area code) are dialed using 1+10D.

In New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, and Marble Hill are served by area codes 347 and 917, while the entire city is covered by a highly developed overlay network comprising area code 917.

The time zones

It is Eastern Standard Time when you call from the 347-area code time zone (ET).

Area code 347 location

For the millions of New Yorkers and businesses joining the landlines and mobile phones, we separated the 718 area code into area code 347 locations. According to You Mail, area code 347 is one of the most frequently targeted areas by robo-callers in New York.

Next time you pick up the phone, be cautious. The majority of robocalls are prerecorded messages that play while you talk. Spammers now use fake phone numbers to put their victims more at ease while answering the phone. Fraudsters would mirror a 347-area code to make it look as if a 347 number was contacting you, for example.

Area code 347 Origin

While now it’s hard to imagine, New York City was served by only one area code between 1947 and 1984: 212. A new area code was assigned in 1984 to cover the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island; this was 718.

Process of getting a 347-area code

Due to New York City’s size and diversity, it has been assigned several area codes. Big Apple or The City That Never Sleeps is the common name for the city. However, New York City phone number 347 is among the most popular because it goes from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

New York City is the nation’s most populous and ethnically diverse city, home to more than eight million people. As the country’s largest economy and one of the best places to start a small business, New York City has a lot to offer entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

This means that if you’re starting a new business in New York or expanding an existing one, you’ll need an area code 347 phone number. Make yourself at home in the New York City community by getting the area code 347, the most common in the city.

Overlay area code 347 time zone and 646 were added to 718 in 1999 and now serve Manhattan and the remainder of the boroughs of New York City.

How do I stop 347 calls from getting through?

Many phone scams and frauds target New York-based phone lines. How can I avoid receiving calls from the 347 area code now that I know it’s there?

Registration on the National Do Not Call Registry decreases your exposure to telemarketing calls, but it does not eliminate all of them. Another option is to test out apps that will alert you and block irritating robocalls.


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