619 Area Code

619 Area Code

Area codes play an essential role when making a call to any phone number. In this article, we will discuss the “619 area code,” which has been used in some major cities of California since 1982 and will be there till the year 2043. It is a telephone number to make calls in San Diego city and some major places in California under the Pacific time zone.

Without delay! Let’s discuss all the important information about this area code in detail.

619 Area code location

619 Area code location situates in California country in the USA nation. It serves most of the southern part and surrounding suburbs areas located in San Diego.

In addition, some of the cities 619 area code serves are Alpine, Santee, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City, La Mesa, La Presa, Rancho San Diego, San Diego.

In other words, the largest country it serves in California is San Diego.

Besides, it covers approximately 114 non-unique postal area zip codes. It has a single overlay for serving in the same area as 858.


In 1982, 619 area code was created in California after splitting from 714 and was one of the new area codes since 1959 when 707 was added.

It covers most of the places that come into the southernmost portion, which is from the Nevada border to San Diego.

However, most of the outer northern area of desert and southeastern geographical area split into area code 760. In addition, the inner northern suburbs and half of San Diego have been split in area code 858 since 1999.

One more plan to be introduced in 2000 to split the southern and eastern parts of the county but suspended due to political issues.

10-digit local calling became mandatory in 2018.

In the 2019 projection, 619 would be exhausted because a relief plan was approved to make 619 and 858 an overlay code for all of the inner portion of San Diego County.

In addition, recent projections for San Diego show there will be no need for another area code until 2043.

619 Area Code Time Zone

Area code 619 location comes under the Pacific time zone. The abbreviation used for the Pacific timezone is “PT.”

The Pacific Standard Time (PST) is also popular as the Los Angeles/America time zone.

The 2021 DST(Daylight Saving Time) starts on “Sunday 14 March 2021, 02:00” and ends on “Sunday 07 November 2021, 02:00.” It is of Summertime observations.

From mid-March to early November, daylight saving time is observed in Pacific Daylight Time, where Pacific daylight time is also named “PDT.”

Frequently asked questions

Here we collected some most asked questions about area code 619.

Where is the 619 area code located?

The 619 area code is used in the San Diego State of California. 619 used the as the telephone number for calling in the state.

What timezone is in area code 619?

The 619 served through the America time zone. You can also call the timezone the Pacific/ Los Angeles time zone.

Does area code 619 a scam?

It’s absolutely not a scam. However, scammers don’t need a specific number to call; if you find any call suspicious, block the one as soon as possible.

Is area code 619 a toll-free number?

It is not a toll-free number code.


To conclude, the area code 619 location is in California country, and the major city it serves is San Diego. Furthermore, We discuss how this code formed in history and what’s their timezone. After that, we answered some frequently asked questions about the 619 area code.

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