Android TV Box Legal Or Illegal in the USA

Android TV Boxes

There has been a massive debate in the digital market over concerns about whether the use of an Android TV box is legal or illegal. Nowadays, most of the major online stores are offering different versions of such devices as these devices are becoming extremely popular. Most families have opted for Android TV boxes. These provide a one-place platform using top IPTV subscriptions. However, the legalities of these Android TV boxes are in debatable position. The producers of these TV boxes have been seen to save themselves from controversies by providing a safe statement regarding these issues. But still, the question arises are android tv boxes legal in the US? But before the answer, let’s have a brief look at the Android TV boxes.

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is a small media center box operating on an Android system. It acts the same as our smartphone or tablet acts. The Android operating system is an important system that runs most of our devices in our homes. But the operating systems of these TV boxes are a slightly older version of the Android OS running on our phones. These TV boxes allow several uses like watching shows, movies, playing games, surfing, etc. Just connect these Android TV boxes to your television set and you got it! You can play your favorite shows or movies from Netflix or Amazon on your TV anytime and that is so on a big screen rather than your mobile phone. These Android TV boxes come in a range of sizes and costs depending on the requirement of the customer. You just need an internet connection and then keep on enjoying the bigger version of your smartphone.

What can Android TV boxes do?

You can watch online media like movies, TV shows, and other videos without needing the functions of a smart TV by connecting your Android boxes to your TV. It will also allow you to watch international and local TV channels so you can enjoy shows that are not available on online streaming sites.

Use of Add-ons to the TV boxes

These days a lot of add-ons are available to enhance the watching experience at a very cheaper price or free. But we have to be alert while using these add-ons. These add-ons not only save time for you but provides you with a lot of such content that is either exclusive to a platform or available for the paid version. One finds it interesting and exciting to get access to such content but it is an alerting matter that why are these exclusive contents available so easily. The use of Android TV boxes is not illegal in the US  but these add-ons are for sure illegal.

There are mainly two types of add-ons – The first one is the official and the other is third-partyadd-ons.

  • The first one has been developed and designed by companies like Kodi. These companies provide pre-installed add-ons to Android TV boxes. They provide easy access to many exclusive media contents. These are the official add-ons that are not harmful and not illegal.
  • Third-party add-ons are provided by many independent developers who are not authorized to access these contents, and neither should we through these platforms. These local coders provide a lot of media content accessible to normal customers free of cost. These are known as third-party add-ons that make the customer afraid and think whether the Android TV box is illegal in US.

Are Android TV Boxes Legal In The US?

The problem of legality will come up only if you will use third-party add-onsBecause these add-ons are unauthorized and unregulated and can be termed illegal. While the installation of Android TV boxes in your house, pay attention to the type and version of the add-ons that modify your TV box. These modifications can include the accessibility of such channels or content that is not permissible on free platforms. The seller of these Android TV boxes can charge extra for these illegal and pirated versions which can prove harmful for you. The third-party add-ons often use the copyright-protected version and make your Android TV box illegal. Both selling and purchasing such copyright-protected versions of any software is illegal not only in the US but in other developed countries too.

Best Android box – 2021

Here is the list of Best Android TV Box for 2021

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • NVIDIA Shield TV
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S / Mi TV Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Evanpo T95Z Plus

Is there a monthly fee for the Android box?

Android TV Box is simply the hardware that allows you to access the content on the TV. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee for Box, you just have to pay for the content.

Can you go to jail for streaming movies?

Some apps like Youtube, Netflix, and Showmax provide movies to watch online legally. There are many other websites that provide free online movies but not all are legal.

However, you will not be arrested for watching or downloading pirated content, but it is still illegal.

Use of Android TV box safely

Finally, the answer to “Are Android TV Boxes Legal In The Us” comes down to the add-ons you are using. It is absolutely fine to have an Android TV box attached to your television and use it properly. But any modification done using any illegal or pirated software can put a person in trouble. The poor countries where the technology has not been developed up to mark, are not very strict in guarding such activities but the countries like US and UK have very strict rules attached to such activities and the person involved can have to pay a very big fine for the unauthorized use of such technologies. The use of such unauthorized add-ons makes your TV an illegal streaming box and also then you can say that using such an Android TV box is illegal in the US and other developed countries.


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