9 Bills You Should Never Put on Autopay

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We can all use simple and effective ways to manage expenses and save money. Putting your payments into autopay can ensure you never miss a due date, reducing the risk of late payments and affecting your credit report. But while automatic payments can save you time in managing your personal finances, it’s not the right choice for all expenses.

Autopay is great for payments that don’t change every month, like your mortgage and car payments. You know what to expect from these invoices, so it’s easy to plan and budget for an automated bill. This is not the case with monthly expenses that change. Before you get excited and put your entire financial life on autopilot, here are some fees you shouldn’t put on automatic payments.


If you have an unlimited phone plan and your bill doesn’t change, AutoPay is a time-saving option for managing payments. There is also an option to set up automatic billing for unlimited phone plans. However, the problem is that the amount you spend can change from month to month, depending on data usage. And if you forget to pay your phone bill in a month when you owe more than usual, the extra money in your bank account can result in overdrafts and bank charges.

Some cell phone plans also do not have a monthly billing date. While you may have a specific day – say the 15th – others have a monthly cycle that varies depending on the number of days in the month. This does not guarantee a consistent monthly payment date. You can get caught or run out of money if payment is posted when you least expect it.

Since Autopay is a hands-free way to pay, you’re less likely to have to check your phone bill after setting up AutoPay. This means you can miss billing errors and end up paying more than necessary.


Unless you have a budget plan from your utility company – which allows you to make monthly payments – your water, gas and electricity bills will change every month. Therefore, it is better not to fix the salary on autopilot.

To start making on-time monthly payments, you must log in to your account. In this case, you should probably check the statement before paying. But when you check your statement regularly, it’s easy to spot unusual price increases.

For example, a high water bill may indicate a leak in your home. If you set up an automatic bill for this bill and don’t check your statement, it could go unnoticed for months and cause serious damage to your home and wallet.

Gym Membership

A gym member helps you get in shape and lose those pounds. But you can lose more than that if you’re not careful.

If you believe you visit the gym regularly, a monthly membership fee with automatic payments is a good idea. But regardless of your goals, your time spent at the gym may be less than expected — to the point that it no longer makes sense to pay for one.

With automatic payments, some bills go out of sight and out of mind. Therefore, you may lose the amount withdrawn from your account. Or, paying some of your favorite expenses that you end up paying for a subscription you don’t use.

On the other hand, if you pay monthly, you’ll likely need to check your membership period and cancel your membership if you’re not using it.

Cable and Satellite Service

Cable and satellite charges can vary, especially if you watch a lot of movies on demand. With automatic cable bills and money withdrawn from your bank account, you may not have to look at how much money you are making in other services.

Cable and satellite companies may increase their rates each year and charge for new offerings, such as local sports networks, and channels you don’t watch. Paying the traditional way, by check or through a one-time payment online, gives you the flexibility to review your bill for price increases and any options you may not use.

Checking your cable or satellite bill will also let you know when all your subscriptions have run out. This may prompt you to call the company and ask to renegotiate your service.

Video Streaming Services

Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, are great because you can watch what you want, when you want. But think carefully before signing up for these services. If you have cable, some shows and movies offered by streaming services are available on demand from your cable provider.

If you’re using a monthly payment that comes from your bank account or is charged to your credit card every month, you can pay those bills every month without worrying. and you want the job. When you sign up to stream but don’t use the service properly, you’re flushing money down the toilet.

Music Streaming

Music services, like Spotify and Apple Music, let you stream just about any song from any artist. The downside is that you have to provide a credit card or bank number before getting the songs. The music service automatically pays monthly payments to your account.

Streaming music is a delightful luxury, but only if you get what you pay for. If your usage drops and you stream less music (or stop streaming altogether), the company will continue to list your account until you cancel your subscription. If you forget to cancel, you will be charged for the service you no longer use.

Beauty Boxes

Many beauty brands offer beauty box subscriptions, where subscribers receive a monthly box of products to enjoy at home. It’s a smart business strategy for the beauty industry, and it’s an easy way for you to try out different beauty brands before paying the full retail price.

Since these subscriptions are cheap – starting at $10 per month – this may seem like a small monthly fee. But the price of a subscription box pretty much adds up over the years. If you set up an automatic payment for this subscription, you can ignore its cost and calculate its value. You may be spending over $100 a year, but only using a small percentage of the items in your box.

Newspaper Subscription

If you’d rather read the news than watch it, subscribing to a print or digital edition puts the latest news at your fingertips.

Some newsletters offer subscribers the option of automatic payments. It is not bad if you read your newspaper regularly. But if you’re busy and pile magazines in the corner without reading them, you’ll end up spending money paying for subscriptions you don’t use.

On the other hand, if you schedule a one-time monthly payment, you can cancel the subscription as soon as you no longer use the service.

Annual Subscriptions

If you have a subscription or service that renews once a year, such as an Amazon Prime or Costco membership, set up automatic payments for those expenses. Even if you are an organized person with an extraordinary memory and skill for writing everything on the calendar, this annual budget can overwhelm you. Since you don’t often think about these bills, you may not remember the due date, especially if you don’t get a reminder.

When an annual subscription automatically renews, you authorize the company or merchant to charge your credit card directly or withdraw funds from your bank account on the payment date. another charge. If you don’t pay this fee, the company can write off your bank account when you don’t have enough money in the account and incur an overdraft fee.


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