Creating, Monitoring, and Analyzing Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide


Ninety-one percentages of entrepreneurs invested in Facebook marketing and marketing the remaining year. And it’s smooth to recognize why whilst you study statistics: greater than 1.4 billion humans use Facebook each day, and on average, all of us spends greater than 50 mines an afternoon throughout Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

That’s a whole lot of attention! And regardless of who your target market is — age, gender, occupation, (almost) anything — you’ll make certain to attain them via Facebook Ads. So the query becomes …

How do entrepreneurs create, manipulate and examine their Facebook


The quick solution is Facebook Ads Manager.

However, Facebook Ads Manager cans appear intimidating at a primary glance. But worry now no longer, when you get beneath the floor Ads Manager is a top-notch tool, presenting the whole lot you want to optimize your commercials and supply successful campaigns.

In this post, we’ll percentage the whole lot you want to recognize to get acquainted with Facebook Ads Manager, such as the way to manipulate and examine your Facebook commercials, and create in-intensity advert reviews your group will love.

How to Navigate This Guide

This manual is damaged down into 5 major chapters. Feel unfastened to pass to bankruptcy this is maximumly applicable to your wishes.

Chapter 1: Getting commenced: All you want to arise and jogging with the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Chapter 2: Creating and modifying Facebook commercials: How to create and edit Facebook commercials the usage of Facebook Ads Manager.

Chapter 3: Facebook Ads Reporting: How to locate unique campaigns, advert sets, or commercials and the applicable statistics on your reporting.

Chapter 4: Understanding the overall performance of every Facebook advert: How to take a closer study every of your campaign, advert set, or advert and discover how every one of them acting.

Chapter 5: Other beneficial functions and applicable sources: A quick study of numerous different fantastic functions for Facebook marketing and marketing and a listing of sources on Facebook marketing and marketing.

Where to locate Facebook Ads Manager

Getting to your Facebook Ads Manager is as simple as clicking on the drop-down arrow under “Ad Center” on any Facebook page, then choosing “Ads Manager”. “All Ads” from the drop-down (or you could use the Facebook Ads Manager cell app, which we can point out beneath), and click on on “Ads Manager” at the lowest of the web page (proven with inside the screenshot beneath).

Manage commercials option

You could be delivered on your Facebook Ad Accounts web page wherein there could be a brief review of your advert account(s). If you’ve got get admission to a couple of advert account, here’s wherein you could pick out which account to manipulate, too.

Facebook advert accounts

Alternatively, You could be delivered without delay into the Facebook Ads management of your private advert account. If you manipulate a couple of advert accounts and need to exchange to some other advert account, you could use the account drop-down menu to make the switch.

Switching Facebook advert accounts

How to get your teammates installation for your Ads account

If you desire to allow your teammates to manipulate and create Facebook commercials together along with your advert account, you’ll want to furnish them get admission to the advert account and assign them the right marketing and marketing roles. Here are a few brief steps to do that:

Step 1: Navigating to Ad Account Settings

Click at the hamburger menu icon, hover over “All Tools”, and choose “Ad Account Setting”. (If you do now no longer see this option, you is probably for your Facebook Business Manager. You could need to click on “Ads Manager” first after which comply with the stairs referred to earlier.)

Navigating to advert account settings

Step 2: Add a User

Select “Account Roles” at the left column and click on at the “Add a User” button to feature a teammate to the advert account.

Facebook Ads Manager – Add a User

Step 3: Assign the right function

The very last step is to pick out the right function on your teammate.

Select sort of advert account permissions

Here are the diverse roles and their respective marketing and marketing permissions:

An “Analyst” can see best your advert overall performance. This function is fantastic for a person who best wishes to get admission to your Facebook commercials statistics and create reviews.

An “Advertiser” can see and edit your commercials and create commercials the usage of the charging technique related to your advert account. This function is appropriate for a person who wishes to create commercials for your behalf however now no longer have to get admission to the charge info (e.g. a contract marketer or an associate agency).

An “Admin” can edit the charge info and manipulate the roles, on the pinnacle of the whole lot an “Analyst” and an “Advertiser” can do. This function suits a person who wishes to manipulate get admission to permissions to the advert account, billing, charge info, and advert spending limit.

Facebook advert roles and permissions

Tip: Facebook Page roles, Facebook Business Manager Roles, and advert account roles aren’t the same. Even in case you are the admin of your company’s Facebook Page or Business Manager, you may not have to get admission to your company’s advert account.

Finding your manner across the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard

You’ll be capable of manipulating each factor of your Facebook commercials revels in via your Facebook Ad Manager dashboard. There’re lots of factors on it! This is wherein to locate all of the critical tools, menus, and buttons.



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