Demand for Full Stack Developers in India: Hottest Career in 2023


You must have heard about full-stack developers and are curious about their rising demand. Full-stack developers are highly expert professionals and are fulfilling the requirements of tech industries in excess. The experts are willing to educate themselves on various technologies and are thus appointed by many companies. You can also become a full-stack web developer by learning about their scope, salary granted, and factors leading to such demand. This article will help you gain maximum information about full-stack developers.

What is full stack development?

Full stack development refers to software development involving both the process of front-end and back-end development.

So, a full-stack web developer is knowledgeable in front-end and back-end. The person has the skills and knowledge to work on various jobs at any given level of Web development. Further, the developer can work with APIs, Databases, Servers, and other technologies employed in the product or application development.

Additionally, a full-stack developer develops and designs websites per the client’s requirements. While full-stack developers work on the back-end and front-end, they need more knowledge of every technology. They must be familiar with the technologies that the project requires. But, understanding and performing the work doesn’t require excessive in-depth knowledge of every recent technology.

Evolution of a full-stack developer

You might have yet to hear about the full-stack developer in the past and assumed it was a new term. But, the concept of full stack development has been accomplished in recent years but has existed for many years. The history of full stack development begins from the early time of programming. To understand the future scope, you must consider acknowledging its past.

At the start of software development, with little facility, a full-stack developer performs all the functions. Long back in the 80s, software developers work independently on a particular project from beginning to end. Also, no other experts were required.

As technology advanced, the need for specialists expanded. Also, the websites became difficult to handle by a single person, and they got divided among many people. Things continued working the same until the mid-2000s when full-stack development emerged. Many web applications require people who can learn both server-side and client-side programming. Soon people learned both sides of programming, and a new term became known as a full stack web developer.

With this, the technologies and tools that simplify the work of a full-stack developer came into being. Further, it supported the advancement of full-stack developers.

Scope of full-stack developers

At present, full-stack developers are in great demand. These developers can work on multiple technologies and handle a project’s broad elements. Also, these developers help in reducing the company’s costs and granting them more profit. Further, full-stack developers fulfill the unique needs of the project. You can also become a full-stack web developer and take responsibility for an entire project. All you need to do is enroll yourself in a specific course of full-stack development.

Salary of a full-stack developer in India

A full-stack developer earns the highest pay in India. It is because of developers’ growing demand and inefficiency to fulfill such demand. A full-stack web developer earns an average of INR 9.24 LPA in India. Remember that the pay may differ depending on job location, experience, company size, etc. Further, a fresher can expect a pay of INR 5 to 6 LPA as a full-stack developer. While correspondingly, an experienced developer can earn INR 16 LPA in India. The companies are willing to pay higher depending on your work as a full-stack developer.

Now let us compare the salaries of a full-stack developer with other developers in India. You must note that additional knowledge always pays off with extra money.

As you already know the average salary of a full-stack developer, let’s consider other developers’ salaries. A front-end developer earns an average INR 5-6 LPA, while a back-end developer earns INR 6.82 LPA. Hence, a full-stack web developer earns more than them. Moreover, a mean-stack developer earns an average INR 6-12 LPA, much closer to a full-stack developer’s salary. The pay of a full-stack developer will always be more excellent depending on the factors. It’s the right to join a good full stack developer course and become a full stack developer.

Factors that lead to the increase in demand for full-stack developers

The future of full-stack development seems attractive and appealing due to its huge demand. But what factors lead to its increase in demand? The listed below are some of the factors that lead to the great demand for full-stack developers:

1.   Limited staff

The company can discharge unnecessary staff by employing a full-stack web developer. Also, more employees require more resources and channels of communication. Full-stack developers reduce a company’s costs and decrease the chances of miscommunication.

Further, a full-stack developer with expertise can easily do work that requires 2-3 developers. Hence, keeping a full-stack developer benefits the company and creates tremendous demand.

2.   Adaptability

Often in web development projects, the clients change their requirements at any time. Further, you implement a new framework to increase productivity or fire a team member. A full-stack developer can handle all these scenarios and shape himself accordingly. Moreover, full-stack developers eagerly take responsibility for projects and are in high demand.

3.   New Technologies

You may hear of new technologies and software updates for improved performance daily. The programming languages also get evolve regularly to perform better functions hassle-free. It is hard for an average developer to grow with these changing developments.

Contrary, a full-stack web developer first learns the connection between various technologies. So it is easy for them to stay aware of the latest technologies and perform tasks on them. Additionally, full-stack developers are professionally curious to learn about new things. Thus, they have the potential to grasp new things or technologies quickly. Therefore, full-stack developers will always be in great demand.


Full-stack developers are precious assets to a company. Their work on various technologies is highly appreciated. Also, companies are searching for them because of their expertise in learning and expanding their knowledge. Therefore, such factors increase the demand for these professionals.


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