Designing a Luxury Bathroom – Tips from the Professionals

Luxury Bathroom

Time waits for no one and if your bathroom is in need of a revamp, rather than a surface job, why not rip everything out and start with 4 walls? Bathroom design is an art and we asked some of the top bathroom designers for a few tips on how to design a luxury bathroom.

  • Adjustable LED lighting – Install dimmer switches on the ceiling and wall lights, so you can create a soothing ambiance when you fancy a long, hot soak after a hard day at work. Take a drive to your local home improvement center and check out the endless styles of LED light fittings.
  • Create a major feature – Why not invest in a top-of-the-range jacuzzi to be a centerpiece? If you have the space, you can add a walk-in shower for a really luxurious ambiance. Contact one of the leading contractors offering bathroom renovations in the Blue Mountains and let the professionals design the space. Decide on a budget and that will help the contractor come up with a great layout and design.
  • Splurge on luxury fittings – Let’s be honest, the only difference between a regular and a luxury bathroom is the quality of the fittings. Start with an online search to find a leading Australian supplier of luxury bathroom fittings and you can acquire everything from a single store. Gold, brass, and brushed aluminum are all stunning finishes and while it might cost a little more, the payback is ongoing. Click here for roof repair techniques that you might need one day.
  • Choose large stone tiles – Whether granite, marble, or Italian travertine, cladding the bathroom with quality stone definitely makes for a luxurious environment. Visit your local stonemason’s yard and see polished granite and marble tiles at affordable prices, then measure up and they will cut the tiles to size.
  • Think texture – There are many ways that you can introduce texture to a bathroom setting; textured wall art could be added, while roller blinds offer another opportunity to add texture. Shower screening can be textured, while also adding some rich color; check out some of the amazing shower screen finishes that can be found online.
  • Frameless shower screens – The ultimate in sophistication, frameless shower screens give an uncluttered look, with a wide choice of glass finishes to choose from. Talk to a leading NSW bathroom renovator and let them help you design a luxury bathroom that comes within your budget constraints.
  • Bespoke storage – Every room is a unique collection of corners, recesses, and alcoves and if you want the best-concealed storage, made-to-measure is the only way to go. Timber is the best material from which to make shelves and cabinets that are in keeping with the overall look.

If you have decided on a budget, contact a leading NSW bathroom renovation specialist and see what kind of design they can put together. Better still, invite numerous contractors to quote for the project and then you can compare designs and prices.


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