Help Scotland’s environment by becoming a Lord or Lady

Land Ownership

The British aristocracy and its history continue to fascinate when reading books or seeing costume dramas on TV. It seems like a faraway world and one that only belongs in dreams, how it must be to have such an elevated social status.

Well, dreams can come true for anyone that wishes to see their status increase, because it is possible to buy Lord and Lady titles from Scotland in New Zealand. Imagine the looks on the faces of friends and family when telling them you’d like to be called by your official title from now on if it’s only for a bit of fun.

But how is it possible? Well, there are no catches, once you have purchased an actual small souvenir plot of land in Scotland, arranged by a company that cares about the environment. They are trying to help stall climate change and deforestation in Scotland. They have bought areas of land and then sell them in small pieces so that no large organization can get their hands on it. It makes construction and buildings replacing the natural landscape impossible thus stopping environmentally harmful activities being carried out. So, when anyone buys a plot and a title, they are having fun while helping the planet and future generations. How cool is that!

The plot purchased is in the Kingdom of Fife in the east of the country with the land making the owner legally recognised as a Lord or Lady. It is a wonderful gift to buy for a loved one, who is guaranteed to enjoy it, especially when asking to be referred to by their official title. There’s no excuse to get out of doing jobs around the house if a Lady requests them!

It is also the perfect present for the many around the country with Scottish heritage who will have a true connection to their roots. It might even be an excuse to buy full traditional wear, tartan, kilts, and all. It will certainly add to the excitement when watching movies or TV series set in that part of the world, as it will set the mind wondering if it is being filmed on your land.

The look of joy and excitement when a gift is opened and suddenly a loved one realizes that they are now a Lord or Lady provides great fun which can be enjoyed thereafter as a legitimate landowner who is helping the environment.


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