How to Create a Strong Portfolio


In the design and development industry, your portfolio is the first thing everyone decides on you. When they look at your work, they already know if they want to work with you. The best portfolios are the ones you want more and make you think about the possibilities they can create with you.

Set up your own personal project

If you are in the process of creating a strong portfolio for yourself, don’t wait until you land a job to show your skills. Start your own personal project and show off the skills you need to offer to future employers.

And nothing is more appealing to an employer than creating high-quality work from passion and fun. This shows that you are deeply interested in the work you have created and that many employers want to see employee initiatives.

Present your portfolio work on a nice website

There are many free portfolio website that allow you to introduce your work. And some, like Behance, are linked to a network of other designers and developers. There is nothing to prevent you from hosting your portfolio on multiple sites.

However, having your own website is still the best solution. Being able to choose exactly what your website looks like and how it works can be in your favor. You cannot create a blog on the portfolio website. Blogging has many benefits that you don’t want to miss.

Powerful start and end

The order of the portfolio is very important. You want your best work to be first and heading towards the beginning of your portfolio. However, you also need to save another powerful task for the last slot to finish powerfully.

A strong start will ensure that people actually see your entire portfolio, and a strong end will leave a lasting impression.

Quality over quantity

Having a lot of works in your portfolio shows that you are diligent, but you should only include your strongest works. No one is perfect, and sometimes we create designs that we don’t think are the best.

The best option is to exclude these weak pieces rather than trying to “flesh out” the portfolio in many parts. Include works that you feel reflect your current strengths and abilities.

Create a portfolio with the work you want to do

If you want to start a package design job, rather than start creating a piece in your package design portfolio. People like to hire the right professionals for their particular role / project. Even if you believe you have the skills to complete a project, if your portfolio doesn’t show it, your clients aren’t going to trust your work.

Include some information about yourself

If you could get people involved with you and have a strong portfolio, you probably persuaded them to sign up for the job. A little creative slogan about yourself shows your personality as a person. This helps people to relate to you and thank you more.

Be a little creative when writing your own tagline and try to show some of your genuine personality. Trying to play safely and professionally is usually a boring and non-stimulating slogan.


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