iPhone 12 Mini Review


“Small Packet Big Explosion” Apple iPhone 12 Mini stands true to this. How? Let us see.

Two Minute Crisp Review:

How did Apple make it that small? The reaction of my friends when they saw me with the iPhone 12 Mini. It is a 5.4inch device but jam-packed with features. Apple tried to penetrate through the affordable segment and targeted middle-class people. Later, I updated my phone with cute iPhone 12 Mini cases for girls that stand out from the crowd.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is the triumph. It is a flagship device with a combination of great looks and superior specifications. However, it is small but can compete with many brands.

It is the iPhone 12 reprised version. We all know Apple does not compromise on quality, so you don’t have to worry about the hardware and software. It is top-notch. It matched the premium edge of the iPhone 12 with iPhone SE and iPhone S5.

If we talk about the bigger versions of iPhone 12, i.e., iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, they are a bit better in terms of performance, and the credit goes to their powerful engines, batteries, and another add-on. You don’t have to worry about these if you are fine with a small iPhone.

It is not the best Apple Mini variant as iPhone 13 Mini was released. Still, we are considering Mini 12 because of its affordable price and flagship lineup.

iPhone 12 Mini offers a 5.4inch Super Retina XDR OLED display better than iPhone 11. If you keep both phones side-by-side and compare, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

iPhone 12 mini has a premium design accompanied by Ceramic Shield glass and angular aluminum edges. It comes in five shades (black, white, blue, grey, and green).

It has an A14 Bionic chipset that works flawlessly, whatever you do on the phone. It provides a top-end camera with two 12MP rear shooters that also perform for iPhone 12.

There is an addition of 5G connectivity for a faster and better experience. Although 5G is not available in many areas, Apple is futureproofing technology for a transformative experience for people.

It is MagSafe equipped, you can charge your phone via a magnetic wireless charger. The iPhone 12 Mini has 64GB storage that is a bit lagging. Also, the battery isn’t long-lasting. These are minor issues tackled through a portable charger.

The iPhone 12 Mini is a smartphone for small hands. We think they are made for girls as we need a power-packed phone that is easy to carry in one hand. Also, we can keep them in our wallets or jeans pockets. They are compact yet give competition to the high-end handset. The closest Androids in the same segment are the Asus 5.9inch Zenfone 8, Samsung Galaxy S21, and One Plus 9 ranges.

You can track the Black Friday deals for offers and discounts on the iPhone 12 Mini.

Specifications: iPhone 12 Mini
Screen Size 5.4in Super Retina XDR OLED
Weight 4.76oz, 133gms
Screen Resolution  2340*1080 pixels
Processor Hexacore
Camera Dual lens 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide rear camera
Video Resolution 4k up to 60fps
Operating System iOS 14
Processor Apple A14 Bionic
Prices 40,999INR for 64 GB variant
Network Support All carriers
Water resistance IP 68
Fingerprint Sensor No, Only FaceID
Ports Lightning Connector
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Storage 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Colors Black, Blue, Grey, Green & White

Price And Release Date:

  • Price in India for Apple 12 Mini: 40,999 INR

The iPhone 12 Mini was released in November 2020. It is available on sale on many websites in India. With the new Mini 13, many third-party stores have held this phone for sales.

It comes without a charging block and earbuds in the box. You have to buy them separately. You can check Apple Airpods Pro and MagSafe compliant chargers on other websites.

Design and MagSafe:

  • MagSafe complaint
  • Easy to hold and use
  • An iPhone 4 design with wide edges
  • Smallest iPhone to date

A mini version of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini has a unique design. It has a similar body design and wraps in one hand easily. It has a 5.4inch screen with dimensions of 131.5*64.2*7.4mm. It is light in weight, and you can easily carry them in your wallet. It has a premium finish which doesn’t feel cheap.

If you are worried about the cost, the iPhone 12 Mini is the best choice. You don’t have to give a second thought to it.

The iPhone 12 Mini comes with flat edges and great looks. It felt good while holding the phone. Apple has used premium materials for build-up. The rear glass isn’t slippery, and fingerprints develop on it when you use it. Power and volume buttons sit on the right side of the phone. The Lightning connector, headphone jack, and grille are on the bottom.

They are available in the five colors mentioned. One worth noting change is the addition of MagSafe, a series of magnets inside the rear of the phone to allow magnetic wireless charging. You can connect them with cases, wireless chargers, car mounts, and more.


  • 476 pixels per inch
  • Super Retina XDR OLED display
  • 60Hz display despite rumors of 120Hz

The iPhone 12 Mini has the best screen ever in such a small phone. The company has powered the Mini series with a Super XDR OLED outstanding display. The screen sits in the corners which give a larger appearance in such a small size.

The resolution is crisp with 1080*2340 containing 476 pixels per inch which are way better than the iPhone 11 series. The pictures are crisp, clear, and way better than previous versions on iPhone.

The display is HDR-ready that clicks awesome pictures at nighttime. Even in dim lights, you get detailed images. If you are Netflix or Amazon binge-watchers, you will notice the difference quickly.

The Apple Mini 12 uses a 60Hz display. There were rumors of 120Hz that did not stand true while we operated the phone. It is the standard version which we enjoyed using.


  • Rear camera with two 12MP lenses
  • 12MP selfie camera

You will not miss out on anything in the smaller iPhone (Mini). On paper, it claims that the camera has the same array as iPhone 12. The phone has a 12 MP wide-angle camera with an aperture of f/1.6, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera with an aperture of f/2.4 that can view from 120 degrees. There is no telescope sensor as iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. There is no comparison.

In low-light, the camera performed well. So that’s great to have. We didn’t notice much difference between the iPhone 12 Pro and Mini cameras. Apple night mode works with both rear cameras and selfie cameras. So you can shoot at night but with little struggles. The camera brightens up the images, but complete darkness is an issue.

The video quality of MINI 12 is quite impressive. It records videos in 4k resolution @24, 30, and 60fps HD recording. The Dolby Vision HDR is a great feature that makes pics detailed and vibrant. The front-facing camera is 12MP both for selfies and videography. The Portrait mode works well, and the 3D depth sensor uplifts the whole mood. However, dim-light performance can be improvised.

Battery Life:

  • Battery lasts whole day in normal usage
  • With heavy usage, you may find some issues

The iPhone 12 Mini consists of a 2,227mAh cell that is improved over older versions. We found that it lasts the whole day with normal, text, social media, and calling. With 5G connectivity, you will notice the battery dropping fast. Also, gaming suckers’ battery fast stays for only 5 hours max. According to Apple, the Mini 12’s video playback time is 15 hours, but the device can handle 11 hours of video streaming. However, we don’t mind as we do not expect much. I am a working lady who works the 9 to 5 pm shift. For me, the battery is sufficient.


AS mentioned above, Apple Mini 12 is a power-packed device. It has an A14 Bionic hexacore terrific processor. It has 4GB RAM, you have a choice of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants. If you want more, you can go for the iPhone 12 Pro that starts from 128GB and goes to 512GB.

The fact is that we need more than 64GB because it fills up quickly. Therefore, I would recommend you to get 128GB or 256GB for power backup.

You should expect to get updates in the next two years. Right now, it is running on 14.2 iOS, and you get all Apple benefits with it like Library, Music, and Widgets.

Final Verdict:

It is the perfect device if you’re looking for a mini iPhone that’s powerful and quality. Just go for it! In reality, it justifies the price with a middling battery, great cameras, 5G connectivity, and 12MP selfie and rear cameras. It has a Super Retina OLED XDR display that exemplifies your watching experience. With MagSafe, this is a complete package to own at such a price.


  • Compact quality design
  • Great display
  • 5G connectivity
  • Dual 12MP Cameras


  • The battery could be better
  • 64GB isn’t enough
  • Wireless charging is slow


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