Personal Trainer Jobs: What to Expect and How to Excel in the Field

Personal Trainer

Interested in a career as a personal trainer? This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of what to expect in personal trainer jobs and how to excel.

Let’s be honest: you’re looking for “personal trainer jobs” because you like helping people live better lives. You want to find a job in the fitness business that will pay you to keep living the way you already do.

A personal training career can be the best job you’ll ever have if you get the right training and licenses. Before you apply for jobs or training, you should know what you’re getting into, just like when you started working out.

Read our guide to learn more about personal trainer jobs and how to do well in the field.

Building Relationships

Most of a person’s success at any job rests on how well they get along with their coworkers, clients, and team members. As a personal trainer, getting to know people is the best way to do well. Once you have a good working relationship with your clients, you build trust, which helps you form a strong bond.

This link makes your clients more willing to follow your training program and more driven to move forward. Your relationship with your clients lets you talk to them freely about their goals, health, and fitness anxieties, and any changes they want to make.

Also, keeping in touch with people on your team and sports team is important. Teamwork will help you do your job better and stay on top of market trends. You can also learn from other fitness jobs and use what they teach you to advance your job.

Comprehensive Assessments

Personal trainers need more than just physical skills to do their jobs. A key part of being great in the field is being able to do thorough assessments.

Some of the things that are looked at during an assessment are body composition, range of motion, living history, musculoskeletal screening, and more. As a personal trainer, you will get a better idea of the client’s physical and mental health by using these tests. This will help you develop a fitness plan that is just right for the client.


Most jobs as a personal trainer require an appropriate certificate, such as the ASFA’s Texas Personal Trainer Certification or the American Council on Exercise’s Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Depending on the company and the job, there are other certifications, such as the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists or certificates for Pilates.

People expect a personal trainer to know about anatomy, physiology, exercise methods, safety, and making programs that work. A personal trainer should also have excellent customer service skills and ensure clients have fun while getting the best results.

Know What To Expect From Personal Trainer Jobs

To excel as a personal trainer, you must be dedicated and passionate about helping others reach their goals. You must not forget to do industry research and have certifications before getting your foot in the door.

If you have the right qualifications and attitude, a career as a personal trainer could be a great fit for you! Take action today: research personal trainer jobs, take relevant courses, and start your journey as a personal trainer!

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