Tech Savvy: Enhancing Your Sports Streaming Setup

Sports Streaming Setup

There are those of us who like various sports and those who love to watch their favorite teams each and every week. While in the past you only had to have a basic TV to catch a lot of games, these days there’s no telling where they’re playing.

The major networks are getting outbid by various streaming networks, and depending on which sport and team you root for, you could need access to anywhere from one to four streaming options. While Netflix has yet to join the fray, Peacock, Paramount+, ESPN+, and Amazon Prime, not to mention having access to mainstream channels like NBC, ABC, and Fox, have all hosted at least one game in the past two years, and chances are good that this trend is going to continue.

Everyone has an opinion about which one is the best sports streaming service, but whether you have one or subscribe to them all, you want to enjoy every game to the fullest. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few ideas that can help enhance your sports streaming setup so you can enjoy that next game more than ever before.

Your television

If you want the look and feel of being at the game and the excitement level of live auctions, you can’t have a dinky TV. While there are tons of great options on the market today, we love the LTV-3000 120” Daylight ALR Screen Bundle with Active 3D TV. Watching the game with the 3D glasses can put you so close that you can almost smell the astroturf. This is a great TV for sports that have a lot of smaller details, like baseball or soccer.


While some people will argue this and claim that you need to hear the squeak of the shoes on the floor, we think immersive surround sound is the way to go. It can be hard to hear the ball hit the bat and other subtle noises when you have a few friends over. With a good surround sound system, you get the experience of being at the game without having to leave your living room.


Seating arrangements

When you decide to put together your private streaming sports setup, seating isn’t as simple as getting a couch with cupholders. Some people prefer a more realistic experience, complete with their favorite stadium’s seating arrangements. Others enjoy the comfort of bean bag chairs or even gaming chairs to get them fully immersed in the game.


You don’t want to miss a single moment of the game because of glare or reflection on your screen. This is where a smart lighting system can come in handy. With the ability to adjust the brightness and color of your lights, you can create the perfect atmosphere for game day.


No matter how great your setup is, it’s not a true sports experience without stadium snacks. Make sure to have some of your favorite game-day treats on hand, whether they be hot dogs, popcorn, or nachos. It will make the whole viewing experience feel more authentic and fun. Just remember, when it comes to alcohol, be sure not to overserve. The last thing you want is for someone to have a wreck and hurt someone. Or worse.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you choose to enhance your sports streaming setup, always remember that it’s all about having fun and enjoying the game. With the right television, sound system, seating, lighting, and snacks, you can create an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re at the game itself. So grab your team jersey and settle in for a great night of streaming!


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