The PMP Certification Process: Eligibility Criteria, Exam Format, And Study Tips 

PMP Certification

In today’s times, when automation and information technology have taken over the world, it becomes extremely important to update yourself with the developments in this field. Nowadays PMP Certification is one of the most sought-after courses for updating oneself. It equips the learner with the ability to manage projects professionally.

You will learn to understand and manage the people, processes, and procedures of a business once you get this certification. The process of attaining the certificate is simple and includes passing an exam. Given the huge number of holders of this certification, it is evident that there is ample scope for progress for such professionals in different industries and at various levels.

Project managers working in different positions at the virtual level and in several industries like the health sector, construction, IT and business, the service sector, and many more have utilized their certifications to progress and provide service in their respective fields. Business entities analyze the candidate’s ability to tackle issues related to different projects and policies so as to get an advantage.

The PMP certification eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • I experience thirty-five hours of training working as a project manager handling various projects for around three years after completion of a four-year degree. OR
  • A PM course training of thirty-six months in the form of a project supported by a five-year training along with a supporting degree from your school, or a certificate declaring your eligibility in the form of a pre-university record.

Let us try to understand the exam format and the study tips which can help clear the exam.

  • Formula Based: The questions in an online exam for PMP are mostly formula based which challenge the knowledge and acumen of the participant.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Questions based on the knowledge can be framed in MCQ format or other types such as matching or gap filling. Thus, it helps the candidates to answer the questions based on their understanding and applicability.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of an exam is non-refundable. However, it is very effective when it comes to getting a certification for project management. One can be a member and save on the charges or else if pay the full charges.
  • Study Tips: Preparing for the examination will consume some time and energy in addition to focusing the resources to get the best, appropriate, and desired results.

With extensive support of books and notes available easily along with guides and other study material, the learner can easily appear for and clear the exams. Further, a certification in project management also requires sharp business acumen and the ability to take up challenging assignments. The expected questions in pmp exam in 2023 are available in different reference books and sites which one can refer to, to prepare for appearing in the exam. The certification is valid for three years and the exam can be taken after fulfilling the eligibility conditions.


The certification gives you an edge to earn a better living and scale the pinnacle of success based on hard work. The exam requires some training and practice along with a strong mind and preparation. You must refer to different books and online material to get insights into the pattern of conducting the exam.


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