The ultimate guide to counter.wmail

99 is a creative email management tool

Counter.wmail is a one-stop solution for email organization and productivity. It is a very helpful tool for users of all age groups and professions. This website can be used by all whether you are a busy professional a student who finds difficulty in managing numerous projects and assignments or someone enthusiastic about being at the top of the inbox. It is a powerful tool for acing in all these fields.

It is a comprehensive guide that has everything you need to know about the counter. wmail It has all the details on how it works, the benefits, troubleshooting tips, and every detail. You go through this guide in detail, it can change the way you manage your emails and will accelerate the way you manage your digital work life.

What is is a creative email management tool made to manage your inbox and organize the chaos. It is a very good accompaniment to email services like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail. This helps in enhancing their functionality with its amazing features.

You must be thinking about the work of This website gives you a dashboard where you can handle multiple email accounts at the same time. Now, you won’t face problems like switching between different tabs or apps. This website will provide you access to all your emails in one place.

One of the biggest benefits of using is its feature of categorizing emails and upcoming emails according to priorities. You don’t have to scroll through too many unnecessary and irrelevant emails. Simply, get all the important emails at the top enlisted in a specific folder.

How does it Work? is an email tracking service that counts or analyses emails sent, received, opened clicks, etc for marketing or analytics purposes.

  • For tracking Pixels – Send an email to, the pixel tracking image is attached to it. This helps in sending the information back to the tool as soon as the recipient opens the email.
  • Check on the Real-time data – As soon as the recipient opens the email tracks the real-time data. This feature allows you to keep a check on your email reach and vitality.
  • Analytics Dashboard- has a dashboard to feature all the detailed reports of individuals as well as multiple companies. This helps in analyzing the reports and making necessary changes.
  • Advanced Features- has some advanced features like link generating, link tracking, and many more. works in the back screen to provide valuable insights for your email campaigns. It also keeps a security check and blocks / counts unwanted or spam emails.

Benefits of accessing

  • You can manage and organize all your emails smoothly using It has various features like folders, tags, filters, and many more to pile up your important messages.
  • helps to protect your emails. It uses various encryption protocols in your emails and attachments. This safeguards your emails from unauthorized recipient access.
  • It’s very time-consuming as well as irritating to search for a particular email. To address this problem provides you with specific folders to directly access important documents. You can just visit, track make necessary changes, or take reference.
  • has made communication very smooth and hassle-free. You can assign tasks, check on progress, or address any issues directly and efficiently using the system.
  • You can easily get access to your email inbox using your phone, laptop, Mac, or any other device. is compatible with almost every system.
  • is a tool that saves lots of your valuable time. It helps you to reply, schedule emails, add templates, or respond to emails in an organized and fast. manner.

Stepwise guide to access

  • Create an account- Visit the website and click on the sign-up option. You need to fill in the details asked by the websites like passwords, usernames, etc and you are done.
  • Setting a tracking code – After creating the account you need to add a tracking code given by the website. This will help collect information about the visitors and their responses to your email.
  • Modify your keyboard- After tracking code and account creation explore the dashboard. You can change the setting and personalize it according to needs, events, goals, and many more.
  • Personal data analysis- After setting up everything you need to go through the data or information gathered by Information like insights into your visitors, page views, and sources needs to be collected and analyzed.
  • Take action based on analysis- After a proper analysis, you will get a report from If you find anything wrong then go for taking action. This will improve your camping.

Issues You can face with and How you can solve them-

  1. Login Issues:
    Many people face this login issue with If you can’t log in, check your username and password, whether you are entering it correctly or not. If they’re right but you still can’t log in you try resetting your password or asking for help from customer support.
  2. Slow Speed:
    Another problem with this site is the speed it might run slowly sometimes which can be annoying if you’re in a hurry. You can fix this issue by checking your internet connection, if you don’t have a stable internet connection you will definitely face this speed issue and clear your browser’s cache as well as it makes your browser slower. Also, check whether there is any update available on that could fix speed issues.
  3. A problem with Email Delivery:
    Your emails can land in the spam section, or may not even be delivered to the recipient. To fix this issue, check your email settings to make sure they’re set up correctly or not. You should also verify from the recipient whether your email address is added to their safe sender list or not.
  4. Compatibility Issues: might not work well on some devices or web browsers as many users complain about this. Make sure you’re using a supported browser that will not give you any compatibility issues.

Tips you Follow to Maximize the Use of

Customizing the Dashboard-
You can customize the dashboard of according to your needs, you can rearrange the widgets, add or remove sections, and choose the metrics which you want to use.

Set Goals to See Your Progress-
You can choose what you want to achieve with your email campaigns and use tracking features to track your progress.

Use Automatic tools has tools that can do things for you, like sending follow-up emails or starting campaigns, these will definitely help you in saving your time and effort.

Divide Your Audience
You can use to target smaller groups based on demographics and past interactions to get more conversions.

Try Different Things
Try different subject lines for your email, call-to-action buttons, and different forms of content to figure out what works better for you.


This article is a perfect guide for effective email campaign tracking and taking insights into your performance, covering features and benefits by following all the steps you can level up your email marketing game, and get more conversion rates.


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