TimeZero Navigator is a recreation software program

TimeZero Navigator is a recreation software program

Recreational Navigator Software TZ Navigator v3 is designed to meet the navigation needs of leisure sailors. With features that are undoubtedly cutting-edge, it allows you to cruise along with your motorboat or yacht or race in regattas. TimeZERO aims at delivering supreme control and comfort through its software program.

Browse mm3d charts resembling those in the mm3d arena using TZ Navigator. C-MAP and Data core, part of Navionics, provide an international coverage system through raster and vector charts. In addition to marine charts, three-dimensional information, and satellite images, the TIMEZERO generation comes with a comprehensive chart engine.

TZ Navigator provides an intuitive interface tailored to the contact screen! When it comes to making course plans and all of the other features that have made TIMEZERO a huge success for over 30 years, the Touch screen makes life much easier.

AIS/ARPA targets

AIS/ARPA functions in TIMEZERO allow you to view all needed information in a table format. You can prevent accidents with anti-collision alarms by monitoring the activity of nearby boats as per your personal standards.

Local weather forecasts

All users of TIMEZERO receive free access to the most up-to-date weather forecast, which is essential for planning a course. Weather information in standard “GRIB” format can be retrieved and displayed through TIMEZERO Weather Wizard.

The chart engine

A powerful energy source was added to the TimeZERO software program to make it even easier to use. You get a continuous, non-ending chart show with all of our software. Photo Fusion’s unique combination with an enhanced visualization engine allows you to see all key information on one screen at once. The application is able to zoom in and out while not redrawing at any time.

Furthermore, TimeZero provides valuable seafloor information and routes as well as displays surrounding objects.

The complementary nature of modules

TZ Routing

Version 3 of TZ Navigator TM and TZ Professional TM include weather routing. You can optimize your sailing time by using weather and polar forecast information from your own boat.

Radar displaying TZs

TIMEZERO has partnered with FURUNO, the market’s leading marine electronics manufacturer, to provide easy Ethernet connectivity with FURUNO FAR radars and FURUNO DRS antennas. You can overlay the radar photo on the chart at once if you would like more information. With TimeZero, the radar can be controlled no matter where it is (gain, sea clutter, rain clutter, etc.).

Undersea TZ

This innovative sounder module is 100% compatible with Fur Uno Digital Filter (FDFTM). As a result of these factors, the sounder module provides you with an unparalleled experience, including Echograms, Ace-Fish, and Bottom Discrimination.

TZ Navigator v3 must meet the following specifications in order to function correctly:

The main processor is CPU 1. 5 GHz

A memory of 4GB


Chipsets from Intel that support HD graphics are required

Dedicated Video Boards with at least 1GB VRAM or an Intel HD 4th technology are the best options

A minimum resolution of 1024 x 600 is required (1280 x 800 is recommended).

Hard drive has 30 GB of free space

The USB NGT-1 by Antisense connects via NMEA0183, the 100 Base-T Adapter via NMEA2000, and the USB NGT-1 by Antisense via NMEA2001.


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