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Posted By James Lin Nov 28 2022

Elon Musk Says To He’ll Make His Own Phone If Twitter Gets De-platformed By Apple And Google.

If the problems with Twitter in the Apple and Google app stores persist, Elon Musk is open to the idea of building a phone to rival Apple's iPhone.

If the new Twitter adjustments are found to be in violation of the two biggest mobile device and app platforms in the world, Twitter may be removed from their stores. 

This is relevant given that Twitter's new $8 price for Twitter Blue membership is under criticism from Apple and Google. 

For digital content that can be purchased through the company's in-app mechanism and billed directly to the customer, Apple, in particular, has certain regulations.

Microsoft, Meta, Epic Games, Spotify, and other companies have lobbied against Apple's policy, taken legal action, and criticised the framework. 

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