13 Google Advanced Search Tips

Search Like a Pro

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Explicit Phrase

For better results Just put the search term inside double quotations.

Exclude Words

If you wish to filter out any results that include the particular word. To exclude a term, simply place the minus symbol (-) in front of it.

Related Search

Using the related:website.com modifier can help you identify new websites that have material that is similar to those you already know about.

Similar Words and Synonyms

If you want to include a word in your search but also want to see results that have synonyms or related words. Add the ~ symbol in front of the word to do this.

Word Definitions

Use the define: word to swiftly look up a word's or phrase's definition if necessary.

Specific Document Types

Use the modifier filetype to narrow your search to results of a certain type.


To get all relevant alternatives, place an asterisk (*) before your search terms.

Specific Search

Add "site:" before the sitename if you're looking for a specific piece of material on a certain website.

Search Price

Use a certain amount and currency when conducting a price search.


Search for weather followed by a location if you need immediate weather stats or a forecast for a specific area.


Want to translate a short sentence or word between two languages? No need to visit a website for translations. Just type [word] to [language].


The next time you need to make a quick calculation, you can enter your formula directly into Google rather than using the Calculator applet.

Area Code Lookup

Simply enter the three-digit area code of the phone number you want to find the area code for, and Google will tell you where it is from. 

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