Google’s Pixel 7: Here are 12 features Android fans should be excited

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Posted By James Lin Nov 28 2022

Longer Battery Life

Google states that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have a 72-hour battery life while "Extreme Battery Saver" is turned on.

Cinema-quality Camera

The new Cinematic Blur setting on the Pixel 7 cameras maintains your subject clear while blurring the background.

Photo Unblur

With the aid of machine intelligence, the Pixel 7 allows you to edit or enhance your photographs

Upgraded front camera

The 10.8MP front camera can film in 4K at 60 frames per second and has the same low- and dim-light capabilities as the rear camera.

Face Unlock

The improved selfie camera makes it possible to fully unlock your Pixel 7  with face recognition

Google One VPN

Owners of the Pixel 7 (and 7 Pro) will likely receive a free VPN as part of the December Pixel Feature Drop as part of the on-device security suite. 

Cough and snore detection

The well-known Bedtime Mode on the Pixel 7 has a few fresh features integrated into it.

Clear Calling

When you make voice calls, Clear Calling employs machine learning to intelligently filter out background noise. 

Audio Message Transcription

You can toggle an option that will allow you to view a brief transcript of each audio message you receive.

Google Recorder 4.0

With Google Recorder 4.0, which comes with the ability to adjust playback speed, the Pixel 7 series is equipped. 

New wallpapers

As is traditional,  there are a number of exclusive or timed-exclusive wallpapers.

Expanded Quick Phrases

The expansion of Quick Phrases is another Pixel 7 feature that could sound somewhat similar. Simply put, you can use your voice to operate your device for simple tasks.

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