Top 6 technologies to focus on in 2023


Nov 24, 2022


What are the key trends for which business owners should be ready? Take a look at the key technological trends for 2023.

1. AI Everywhere

Artificial intelligence will become real in organizations in 2023.

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2. Metaverse

A more immersive internet where we may work, play, and socialise on a persistent platform will come to be known as the Metaverse.

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3. Web 3.0

2023 will see a huge advancement in blockchain technology as businesses produce more decentralised goods and services.

4. Quantum Progress

Utilizing subatomic particles, quantum computing develops novel techniques for information processing and archiving.

5. Datafication

Simply put, datafication refers to the conversion of all of the objects in our lives into software or data-driven gadgets.

6. Sustainable Technology

A set of approaches known as sustainable technology boosts the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of IT services.