What to look for when buying Rolex Green

Rolex Green

Green is rarely found on any of the dials of Rolex watches but it can be seen in a few circumstances, such as limited-edition models and vintage timepieces. The use of the color green on these Rolex watches offers a nice contrast to the typical silver tones found on most other pieces from this brand. Rolex green first appeared in the 1960s on a few models. It came out again in the 1980s, and it is most commonly associated with the Rolex Submariner and GMT-MASTER II watches.

What to look for when buying Rolex Green

1. Dials

The most obvious sign that the dial is green is its color. It is usually accompanied by an excellent layer of a slight metallic hue. The vintage Rolex watches with the green dials are those models which have been replicas of their predecessors, so make sure you check out whether or not the original had this feature.

2. Bezel

Bezel issues are generally not that common in vintage Rolex watches, but it does happen from time to time. If you’re looking for a vintage collection, then this can be an indicator that you’ll find a few parts which look unusual and maybe even pristine despite their age. On certain models, the bezels have been found to have varying shades of green as well.

3. Holes

Apart from the dials, Rolex green can also be seen in the watch’s numbers. The manufacturer uses a color similar to yellow, which makes the numbers stand out quite prominently on these dials.

4. Hands

Green has also been used for the hands of the watches, and this is done to maintain consistency with other aspects of the design. The hands will actually have a metallic shine to them which makes them pop and stand out against any dark background.

5. Meters

These watches have been considered limited-edition models because of their rarity, but this does not necessarily mean that you’ll find them only in rare collections. The color is used on these timepieces because the original watches had dials that were made out of this color.

6. Silver-colored Rolex Strap

If you happen to own a vintage Rolex watch, then you probably realize that it comes with a silver-colored rubber strap rather than the usual fabric straps. This is due to the fact that the material can last longer, unlike leather which can be torn easily as it is lighter and softer than rubber. With time, the natural color of the silver strap may even turn green due to overuse and exposure to sunlight.

7. Hands

The hands of any timepiece from this brand tend to be made using very fine a quality metals, so you won’t see any obvious signs of wear or damage on them even years later on vintage models. If you happen to go to the right watchmaker, then he will be able to polish and restore the hands on a vintage Rolex Green watch, making them look bright in a beautiful green color.

In conclusion, it is interesting to note that green is not something very common among vintage Rolex watches, but it has been used for a few limited-edition models. In the case of vintage watches, there can be so many different reasons for using the color green.


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