Wordle: Basic guide to this game


Describe Wordle. For the past five months, where were you hidden? The world’s favorite new word game is a viral gaming concept that appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of 2022. If you spend any time on Twitter, where people share the recognizable grid of yellow and green squares that represents today’s Wordle answer and their success (or lack thereof) in guessing it, you will undoubtedly have seen it.

However, how do you use Wordle? What guidelines govern Wordle? How does one succeed at Wordle? What does “start the word” mean? And from where are all these Wordle clones and alternatives coming?

What is Wordle?

Even though Wordle is a very straightforward game to play, it stands out from the crowd thanks to several unique features. Which are:

  • Only one puzzle may be completed each day.
  • Everyone plays the same puzzle.
  • Sharing your game on social media without giving away the answer to others is simple.

Here are some more specifics regarding the game’s fundamentals:

It’s objective

You have six lives to estimate a five-letter word perfectly. You are informed each time you guess which letters you selected are in the goal word and whether you placed them correctly. There you have it.

In which to play

On the New York Times Games website, you can play Wordle. There are no apps, so anything that claims to be one is a scam. It moved when the NYT acquired Wordle in early February from its original home on Josh Wardle’s Wordle website (opens in new tab). Wordle has not become more complicated, despite what some people believe.

Despite what some people believe, Wordle has been relatively easy since the NYT took over. Just like it was at first, it is still free to play and ad-free.

When to play it?

Wordle has a daily completion limit of just one. No more three-hour Wordle sessions when you should be working, that’s right. If you’re motivated, you can stay up late and finish the game while everyone else is sleeping because it resets at midnight every day. You get the bonus that everyone misses out on.

How to play Wordle?

The game is not that tough. In fact, it is very interesting and addictive as well. These steps lead to the best way of playing the game

  1. Add a word with five letters.
    Make each of your six chances to guess the 5-letter word of the day counts correctly! To focus your future guesses, try using a word with numerous different letter combinations. Write your initial guess, then hit or click Enter to see if any letters match.
  2. Verify the hues of the tiles.
    The colors of the tiles will change after your guess: Your selection of the same letter in the right location in the word is shown by a green tile. A grey tile suggests that a letter is not present in the current term.
  3. Find a different word.
    Retrying is possible by using the hints from your initial guess. Remember that the grey letters are not used in the current Wordle, so please don’t reuse them. Make sure to include the letter at that position in your second guess if you used it in your first guess for the note at the right place (a green tile). In a single word, a letter may occur more than once.
  4. If not all of the letters are green, keep guessing.
    A pop-up window with your statistics and a countdown timer that indicates how much it will be until the next Wordle is available will appear after correctly identifying the word.
  5. Tell us how you did.
    Click the Share button to copy a colorful grid that you can share with others to show them how you did in a new tweet, Facebook post, email, or instant message. Your friends and followers are playing the same Wordle puzzle, so your results won’t let them know what the day’s letter is.

Tips and tricks for playing Wordle

The best jokes are:

  • Choose a word with at least three vowels for your first guess.
    Your starting word should limit the possibilities for the remaining guesses. A perfect way to reduce the number of potential words is to use three vowels. For a fantastic first guess, try any of the following multi-vowel terms:
  • Based on the outcomes of your initial guess, think of potential words.
    If you’ve chosen a solid first word, you should have access to some yellow and green tiles. Consider some 5-letter words that include those letters but none of the grey (inaccurate) guesses.
  • Pay attention to where the yellow tiles are located.
    The letter indicated by a yellow tile is present in the current Wordle but not in your predicted location. Think about where the yellow letters appear most frequently in the 5-letter words you are familiar with. For instance, since many 5-letter words end with the letter X, you might move the yellow K from the second position of your initial guess to the fifth position.
  • Never use grey tiles again.
    Remember not to use a letter you’ve already tried that isn’t in the Wordle for today in your second or subsequent guesses.
  • Consider the combinations of letters that you frequently see in words.
    In English, many letters frequently appear in groups of two or three. Here are some frequent illustrations to help you focus on more difficult words:
    In the first letter of a word:
    Following a word:
    Pairs of vowels:
    Some Wordles have multiple instances of the same letter.
    After three guesses, if you’re still having trouble, try repeating or doubling green or yellow vowels or consonants. “Creep” or “Grill,” for instance.”


Wordle is an addictive word game that many people play daily. This game can also be played and won. We have discussed the important facts about the game. Now you will be able to recognize this game even from its logo only. Watch out for the game’s addiction. Everything else is ideal for this game. You can use it as a good source of entertainment when you have enough time.


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