Top business schools in Singapore

Top business schools in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that has rapidly become a global hub of expertise in its range of industries. The nation has world-class education institutions and research centers, making it the hottest destination for international students to study and work in everything from medicine to law. There are many best business school ranked in Singapore. These schools include;

1. Singapore Management University

This university is one of the most reputable business schools in Singapore. It offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA). There are several sections for both online and on-campus M.B.A programs including, the Executive M.B.A., the International M.B.A., and the Executive M.B.A in Health Care Management. This school is well known for its diverse graduate programs and many awards for both student and faculty achievements

2. Singapore University of Technology and Design

This university is a prestigious business school in Singapore. The university offers four-year programs and has degrees with a focus on interdisciplinary studies in engineering, technology, architecture, and design. They have auxiliary courses for their program for students to take. They are considerate to the top faculty and especially their department’s research at the graduate level. The school aims to nurture the next generation of talent for all sectors in Singapore.

3. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

If you want to learn more about finance, then this university is one of the best business schools in Singapore that you should consider. It offers advanced degrees in finance. It also has a program for those who wish to pursue careers in law and medicine. The university has two campuses both in Singapore and another campus in Malaysia. They are ranked as one of the best engineering schools in Asia.

4. National University of Singapore

This university is one of the most prestigious business schools in Singapore that all students should consider around the world. It is an international, multi-disciplinary university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs as well as research services to faculty and staff renowned among their peers all over the world.

5. SIM University

This university is one of the best business schools in Singapore that offers education to all. It is a multi-campus university that has its main campus on the main island, but they have campuses around the country including in Malaysia. They offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The university also has multiple research centers, and they are always open to new research opportunities both locally in Singapore and internationally. Students can get a bachelor’s degree in just two years if they wish as well as a certification program if they choose so as well. There is also a distance learning program offered here too as well as other training courses for working adults who want to advance their careers or get immersed in different industries.

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6. Singapore University of Social Sciences

This university is one of the most reputable business schools in Singapore. It offers not just undergraduate and postgraduate programs, but also offer training courses. The school has a training course specifically for those who want to become teachers and they also have a training course for those who want to be business consultants. The university offers a various range of programs including adult education, community services, international studies, physical education, psychology, public health, and tourism management. Its main campus is located on an island by itself and it can be found near the city center as well as other shopping centers as well. This has been acknowledged for its staff excellence and research achievement awards both on local as well as international levels too.


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